Kim's softball team was playing in the championship game. When there were 4 innings left, the team was losing by a score of 17 to 6 points. In the last 4 innings, her team scored the same number of points per inning, and the other team did not score any more points. Kim's team won with the most points.Write an inequality to determine the number of points per inning, ppp, Kim's team could have scored.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Kindly check explanation Step-by-step explanation:Given that :At 4 innings left ;Kim's team was losing by 17points to 6 pointsGiven that her team scored the same number of points per inning in the last 4 innings while the other team didn't score any point per inning.Hence, Kim's team won eventually,Let point earned per inning = pHence, the number of points scored per inning : would be ;Initial point of Kim's team + (number of innings left * point per inning) > point of opposing team6 + 4p > 174p > 17 - 64p > 11p > 11/4p > 2.75Nearest whole number :Kim's team scored 3 points per inning